Bringing Balance and Well-Being

Unlock your potential for growth, healing, and well-being through our therapy and LENS Neurofeedback services.

Three Valley Wellness Therapy Session

How are you really feeling?

Worrying that you’re messing up your relationship or noticing that your relationship brings up surprisingly strong feelings?

Struggling with low self-esteem or feeling ‘not good enough’?

Coping with being overwhelmed by drinking, eating or zoning out online (insert any other escapism here)?

Feeling that you’ve tried everything and worried that nothing will work?

In-Depth Therapy and LENS Neurofeedback Services

At Three Valley Wellness, we offer therapeutic services tailored to meet your unique needs and we are here to support you every step of the way. By healing and making permanent changes to how our insides work, we can show up in the way our loved ones, colleagues, and ourselves need us to be.

In addition to psychotherapy approaches, we are proud to offer LENS neurofeedback, a non-invasive method that helps optimize brain function. Better explained as getting your brain ‘unstuck’. Our LENS neurofeedback sessions harness the power of advanced technology to enhance self-regulation, improve focus, and promote overall well-being, for the whole family (and yes, that includes the dog).

Committed Team of Providers

We are passionate about providing personalized care and believe in fostering a warm, non-judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable and safe. With our knowledge and dedication, we are committed to helping you overcome challenges, develop resilience, and achieve lasting positive change.

Transformative Results, Empowering Lives

At Three Valley Wellness, we have witnessed the transformative power of therapy and LENS neurofeedback in the lives of countless individuals. Our evidence-based approaches, combined with our client-centered philosophy, have enabled many to experience breakthroughs, gain self-awareness, and build healthier relationships. We are here to empower you on your path to personal growth, well-being, and a more fulfilling life.

Get Started on Your Journey

Take the first step towards positive change. Schedule a consultation to get started or ask a provider more about the services we offer. We look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your path to well-being.